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29 – 30 April, 2017
Seminar Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building, University of Oxford

Saturday, 29 April, 2017

09:30-10:00   Registration & Coffee
10:00-10:15   Opening Remarks
10:15-11:30   Panel 1: Mediterranean Topographies:
Seas, Ports, and Cities at the Crossroads 

Chair: Andreas Björklund

Richard Salamé (University of Oxford)
Reassembling the Eastern Mediterranean Port City: Bordering, Labor Migration, and Identity

Hazal Corak (City University of New York, Graduate Centre)
Shifting Mobility Regimes and Labor Migration in Post-Communist and Europeanizing Kardzhali

Melissa A. Higgs (University of Missouri)
Perforated Sovereignty: The Geopolitical Dilemma of Aegean Sea Hydrocarbons

11:30-11:45   Break
11:45-13:00   Panel 2: Entangled Identities and Strategies of Resistance
Chair: Claudio Russello

Myrsini Manney-Kalogera (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Thracian Gladiators and the Nation State: An Examination of the Diplomatic Relations Between the Pomaks of Thrace and the Greek Government, 1918-1922

Elena Tornariti (University of Athens)
Cypriot as a Minor

Diala Ahwach (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon: Places of Transcendence and Negotiated Identities

13:00-13:45   Lunch
13:45-15:00   Keynote:
Yiannis Papadakis (University of Cyprus)
Borders, Paradox and Power

15:00-15:15  Break
15:15-16:30  Panel 3:
                        Assembling, Enforcing, and Dismantling Borders along the Refugee Routes
Chair: Sasha Ward

Leonie Harsch (University of Oxford)
South-South Responses to Displacement: Negotiating Representations of Refugees in Lebanon

Ayşe Şanlı (Sabancı University)
Envisioning Borders in the Metropolis: Solidarity and Mobility among Syrian Initiatives in Istanbul

Maria Kenti-Kranidioti (Durham University)
Performing Borders Everywhere: An Ethnography of Displacement, Exclusion and Resistance in Modern Athens

Dimitris Lambridis (Greece/UK)
Documenting the Refugee Crisis Using Visual Mediums:
A Personal Journey into Social and Physical Borders through the Lens

19:00               Conference Dinner

Sunday, 30 April

10:00-11:15  Keynote:
Clare Azzopardi (Malta)
The Names They Left Behind

11:15-11:30   Break
11:30-12:45   Panel 4: Strategies and Tactics of Crossings in Contemporary Fiction
Chair: Myrto Aspioti

Daniele Nunziata (University of Oxford)
Language and Identity in Contemporary Cypriot Literatures

Spyros Karelas (University of Athens/University of Oxford)
Literature and Religion in Ilias Lagios’ ‘February 2001’: A Fresh Blend and a New Literary Figure

Ioanna Papaki (University of Oxford Alumni)
Genre Crossings – Space Crossings: The Case of The Graphic Novel Aivali

12:45-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:45   Panel 5: Narrating Shared and Divided Worlds
Chair: Sıla Uluçay

Hanan Natour (University of Oxford)
Identity and Alterity in the Poetry of Maḥmūd Darwīš: Challenging Boundaries in the Context of Occupation

Marios Kiparissis-Moros (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Crossing the Borders to “El-Dorado”: Albanian-Greek Border-Crossing in Contemporary Albanian and Greek Literature

Maria Akritidou (Freie Universität Berlin)
The Eastern Mediterranean as a “Shared World”: Re-imagining Ottoman Heritage and the Ottoman City in Maro Douka’s The Innocent and the Guilty

14:45-15:30   Roundtable Discussion and Closing of the Conference